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Donald Wardle

Donald Wardle
Msgt. USMC, Retired
MS Logistics Engineering

Vietnam Era Veteran,
Operation Desert Storm Veteran (First Gulf War)

Lifetime member of the DAV

Lifetime member of the MCL

Member of the American Legion

Veterans Advocates
CFO ADCO Industries, Retired
“I served our country from July 4th 1968 until July 4th 1996.”

Why do I support Ken “The Dauber” Pridgeon

The public and our government easily forget the sacrifice that our Veterans endure. The only reminder is when a local Veteran is killed and the community unites for a few days. The press no longer covers our Veterans activities so we have no indication of the casualties or our involvement in foreign wars. It is time for us to be involved in our Veterans lives and in their deaths. Ken “The Dauber” Pridgeon immortalizes the great sacrifice of my fellow brothers and sisters in arms through his artwork. His work needs to continued and supported long after he leaves this world. We need to engage other artists to follow suit, and because of that we need funding.

I have four Uncles that I have never met, they were killed in World War II and my father was severely wounded on three separate occasions as well. My love and respect for them is part of my motivation for making the Marine Corps my career of choice.

I served casualty assistance during Viet Nam and Operation Desert Storm (first gulf war) where I learned the frailty of the human body and the destruction mankind can cause. I have personally prepared bodies and escorted them home to their families. have notified next of kin and experienced the horrible pain that I had just delivered to the Gold Star Families.

I have lost too many close friends to combat. I have gotten to know each casualty through processing of their bodies, from their families, and their communities. We have lost over 60,000 of our loved ones since Viet Nam and they deserve to be remembered.

This is not about me. This is about the sacrifices of our warriors, heroes and families.

So how do we remember them? How to we recognize the loss, and celebrate their memories?

Don Wardle
Msgt USMC (Retired)


John Kacarab

John Kacarab, CFP
US ARMY Retired
Vietnam ’69

Veterans Advocate
Financial Consultant

2/1 Cavalry Association – “Blackhawks”


Cathie Bailey
Cathie Bailey
Veterans Advocate

In Honor of My Father, USS Submariners of WWII, and all those who have served.



Also part of the committee are the behind the scenes supporters, Blake Adams, May Shannon members of
The Ken “The Dauber” Pridgeon dream mission. These members hard at work on IT tech support, press, maintenance, and donors to The Ken Pridgeon website.

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